Friday, March 14, 2008

Umno holds one-hour protest at Komtar

Mar 14, 08 2:58pm
Some 1,000 Umno members and supporters staged an one-hour protest outside the Penang state government office in Komtar this afternoon.

The crowd - which gathered there after Friday prayers around 2.30pm - chanted slogans such as 'Don’t sideline the Malays' and 'Do not abolish the NEP'.

The protest, led by Penang Umno secretary Azhar Ibrahim, to protest Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's declaration that the new DAP-led state government would do away with the New Economic Policy (NEP) policies.

Among those spoke at the rally included former deputy chief minister Abdul Rashid Abdullah, Sungai Dua state assemblyperson Jasmin Mohamed and Umno Bukit Mertajam chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir.

There were about 3,000 onlookers and most of the shops nearby inlcluding Maybank in Komtar were briefly closed.

About eight FRU trucks armed with water cannons were deployed and the crowd dispersed after the police gave the protestors a five-minute ultimatum. A number of banners and posters were seized but no arrests were made.

Earlier today, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan had warned that the gathering in Komtar would be declared illegal and arrests would be made against the protestors.

seals: can see FRU smiling in the crowd, did anyone see such smile in BERSIH and HINDRAF Rally?


Anonymous said...

Why are those leaders of todays protest are not detain under ISA??? they are the onces that causes racial tensions.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read more soon. By the way, pretty nice design you have here, but how about changing it once in a few months?