Thursday, March 06, 2008

TAN SHIN JOO (male) could be voting as V.NALYNNA A/P VISVANATHAN (female)

Yet another Malaysian version of “Ripley’s Believe it or not”. As people would say, Malaysia is a unique country, because a male chinese voter who lives in Penang could go and vote at Puchong (Selangor) and the best part is, as an Indian female!

TAN SHIN JOO’s driving license expiry details (date extrated JPJ Data 06-Mar-08, Source: HERE)

(date extrated SPR Data 06-Mar-08)

Check out the name in the last image. It’s written there as V.NALYNNA A/P VISVANATHAN, in which the “A/P” means “Anak Perempuan (Daughter of)” but, the gender says that the person is a “L”, or “LELAKI (male)”.

Sources say that this person (TAN SHIN JOO) is no longer alive. But, what’s up with the weird looking details? A ‘unique’ glitch in SPR’s system I would say!


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