Friday, March 14, 2008


Thanks to Our PM to bring Balance to the "Daching" and balanced government in Malaysia. What it is a balance there will be check and balance for both side and that will benefit the people and will surely avoid any side tracks and misuse of power. We don't want Rm0.30 curry puff to be bought for RM3.00 again.

Blame Abdullah for the BN failure? You must be joking.... I will blame each and everyone in BN for the failure. Ask your self what have you done for the people you as a ADUN or MP or as a member in Cabinet. The PM gave freedom in many things but it was miss used. You bought things at about 5-10 times the actual price, you blame PM for that?

Some MP asked the rape victim to enjoy being raped, you blame the PM?

And maybe when PM ask "am I doing it right", you want to make PM happy and save your seat, you said "yes PM I support you and it is the best thing", you blame PM for that?

When a MP as a people's representative in the parliament raises what his people thinks, you say "YOU BREAK RANK" and make him say sorry. make it as though he represent the party in parliament not the people, you blame PM for that?

You said even GOD can't shake UMNO and you said we don't need others, you blame PM for that?

You linked HINDRAF to LTTE without any evidence and still arrested knowing they actually told what is happening, you blame PM for that?

The list can go on......I think it is every ones responsibility in BN, that made people change and loosing trust. It must have a toughest thing to do for the people to decide not to give 2/3 majority to BN. A trust that we had for past 50 years.

Don't just Blame PM, every one in BN should take responsibility over it. If you think PM is making a mistake, you should have addressed it in the meetings. But you kept quiet, are you to be blamed?

Now, rather then trying to make the new Local Government or the Opposition (MP) they are doing this and that to make them look bad, start to clean up and seriously change from Racial Based Parties and join up and work for people and listen to people.

We might select you again in next election. We (people has the say) we only elect the one who performs. If the current coalition performs, you have to perform better truthfully. If not the people might give the simple majority to the coalition in next election.

No one should have 2/3 majority.

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Libran said...

DO you know that Perlis and Terengganu has still not got the MB's sworn in yet.
MSM keeps harping on Perak, Selangor and Penang only.. diverting attention saje.