Monday, March 17, 2008

Perak’s PAS MB sworn in amidst calls for a BN govt (update)

Perak’s PAS MB sworn in amidst calls for a BN govt (update)

IPOH: As the new Perak Mentri Besar was being sworn in, several groups continued to call for Barisan Nasional to be recognised as the legitimate state government.

Perak PAS secretary and Pasir Panjang assemblyman Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was sworn-in as Mentri Besar, taking the oath of office before the Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar at 11.45am on Monday.

However, individuals and members of several non-governmental organisations had started gathering at Istana Kinta in Ipoh as early as 8am.

The organisations’ representatives presented letters to the palace at about 10am, pledging support for a Barisan minority government.

Former Perak Barisan elected representatives council (Mubarak) secretary Datuk Dr Dzulkarnain Abdul Rahman said Barisan had the more legitimate claim as it held 28 seats.

“We are only here to give the memorandums to the Sultan of Perak, not to stage a protest,” said Dr Dzulkarnain, who is also Perak Umno Veteran vice chairman.


seals: HINDRAF gathered to give memorandums to to the British QUEEN, not to protest and water cannon and tear gas was used. What is the difference? I heard BN said before elections "Opposition is making noise now saying that and this is not right, knowing that they will loose the elections. But see now who is doing it?

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