Thursday, March 06, 2008


VANAKAM NAMASKARAM AND NAMASTE TO ALL GREAT AND WONDERFUL ATMA,The most important night for Lord Siva , down pour of tremendous power and energy from the spiritual world to mankind and can be felt in temple during this auspicious puja and abisegam on this Great Night , which is done to Sivalingam Murthi the formless form, the aspect of God which is form and formless at the same time.Keep yourself vigil and absorb Lord Shiva 's blessings, indeed many of our karmas will be resolve by chanting and singing Lord Shiva's name and songs. So don't miss it. KEEP YOURSELF VIGIL ALL NIGHT LONG.



DeepA said...

The picture indicates....Behind every successful man is woman.....:):):)

Nice pic

Seal in Astral said...

LOLz yeah that's another way to look at it. The I can add..The woMAN is not complete without a MAN giving her the appearance. If you see what Stephen Hawking about matter and anti-matter. Shiva can be translated to matter and shakti is the anti-matter. Matter cannot be present without the anti-matter and anti-matter cannot be present without the matter. They are 2 but one. Merging them, makes it absolute

DeepA said...

Yes and MAN is incomplete without woman too. Gita mentioned on Prakriti & Purusha. Purusha is the knower (Kshetragjna), prakriti is the field (Kshetra). Purusha is non-moving, Prakriti is moving. Prakriti is the body and the mind. Purusha is is the indwelling witness spirit.

Nothing exist without another. From the union of these two all are born. Shiva & Shakti!