Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Group warns on Malaysia elections

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- An international human rights group said Wednesday it fears Malaysians will not get a fair vote in this week's general elections because of an uneven playing field favoring the ruling National Front coalition.

New York-based Human Rights Watch urged Malaysia to eradicate bias from the electoral process. Opposition and activist groups say the process is rife with irregularities.
Malaysian law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz denied the allegations, accusing Human Rights Watch of discrediting the elections because "they know the National Front will win."
"To me, Human Rights Watch is biased. They are not important at all. It's only their opinion," he told The Associated Press.

seals: They stop using the indelible ink in the next elections with a reason some have import the inks from other countries and use it on voters before they go to vote. If that can happen that voter can always make a police report and identify the person. This is not serious.

What is more serious was the BERSIH demands. Till now there are evidence of duplicate entries, why no action taken? Voters who are more then 100 years old, no clean up? Why can't they counter verify with JPN data and remove all the dead ones. This are the things that are more serious.

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