Monday, March 10, 2008

A Change Malaysia Deputy MB

There going to be 3 Deputy Menteri Besar (Indian) in 3 states (yet to be verified)

Penang - Prof. Ramasamy
Selangor - Manoharan Malayalam
Perak - Sivanesan

N16 - PERAI Turnout : 10651 (75.1%) Spoilt: 180 Voters: 14175
Ramasamy Palanisamy (OPP - DAP) 7668 Maj: 5176

Krishnan Letchumanan (BN - MIC) 2492
Ulaganathan K.A.P. Ramasamy (IND - IND) 311

N48 - KOTA ALAM SHAH Turnout : 18425 (76.2%) Spoilt: 211 Voters: 24168
Ching Su Chen (BN - GERAKAN) - 5515

Manoharan Malayalam (OPP - DAP) - 12699 Maj: 7184

N57 - SUNGKAI Turnout : 11677 (67.5%) Spoilt: 485 Voters: 17290
Sivanesan Achalingam (OPP - DAP) - 6323 Maj: 1454

S. Veerasingam (BN - MIC) -4869

I would say now the DACING is balanced in Malaysia.... lets work for better Malaysia and HAPPY MALAYSIA


tzarina said...


Are your sources on this Deputy MB thing reliable? Pls confirm coz my friends and I are dying to know.

I also heard about Mano, but then this news on Sultan Selangor postponing the swearing in of Tan Sri Khalid came in the mainstream media. So ppl are kinda confused now...esp the Indians...


Seal in Astral said...

Yes I am trying to get the details from all my friends, I was told the list was published in one of the tamil media. Thats why I publised it. I was also told Penang can be confirmed but not sure of perak and selangor. And the other said selangor might make it with Manoharan