Thursday, April 21, 2011


Please tell to everyone. Happen on Sunday 3 April 2011  

(not the bloggers experience ...from a forwarded mail)

This is my sad story, a one really unforgetable moment in my life. Finally its my turn to experience an unfortunate event.

Yesterday, between 10.00 to 10.30am at Elite highway, I have been hijacked.

I make my way home from work place around 9.30, reached Cyberjaya toll around 9.50 pm. I then take an exit to Shah Alam. Just about 50 metres after I take my left lane from the exit, I noticed one Mercedes E Class 240 from right lane behind me, take a closer range to me. At first, I don't bother, but then it came really near and wind down window on passenger side, I saw one Malay guy, with PDRM cap and long sleeve shirt look alike police traffic, ask me to pull aside. At that time, I was thinking, whether to run or not. If I run, I'm not sure if I'm fast enough to outrun them, or if they are real police, I would get shot, and if they are not real police, if they have gun, sure they can outrun me and put a bullet inside my head, so I make a stop.

The Malay guy on passenger side came down and approached me, I was still inside car at that moment. That guy ask me to came out. Thinking it was high profile police driving Mercedes, so I go out while shutting down the engine. That guy circulate my car and mention that this car was suspected as stolen car. I straight away deny it, and that guy ask me to follow him to police station, so I said OK, but before that I ask him one thing, where is your badge id? And then bad dream happen.

The guy suddenly grab my hand, try to cuff me with his handcuff, and try to drag me into the Mercedes, I struggle myself to get away as strong as I can, and drag that guy to opposite way. I managed to let myself go but the guy managed to confiscate my car key. I make no turn, run as fast as I can to opposite way of the highway while shouting and waiving hands for help, but no one make a stop, thinking it was real police try to catch me and i am the criminal !!!

After a while, I look back and saw the second guy, the driver, also Malay, came out, drive my car and gone with the Mercedes. After a while, one lorry reply my waiving and took me to nearest toll booth where I find one patrol car there, I end up until dawn at police station reporting everything.

I lost my car, my notebook, my phone, and nearly my life if I were successfully dragged into the car. I may end up like Susilawati case though.

The case has been classified as high profile crime, because robbing at daylight, in public, no mask on, and possible firearm involve. So guys, beware, my advice, always speeding, dont care about the speedtrap, your life is more importanr than the ticket that u have to pay.

Update as of 9.4.2011

Identification has been done and one of the suspect seems inside database already, wanted for the same case. Police failed to detect my car through any highway CCTV after the said event. My car no where to be found.

Update as of 12.4.2011

No news from police, going to submit insurance today.

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Rames said...

Omg selian. Just saw this. Terribly sorry to hear the sad news. Hope everything will be ok. I know its easy to say that. Even I dont know what I will do if I was there. Luckily ur alright. Hope to expect something good happens after this.