Monday, October 12, 2009

'Umno has legitimised corruption'

'With the win in Bagan Piyour sayang, Umno has officially legitimised corruption as an acceptable credo amongst themselves. The smirks on their faces say it all. Woe betide our dear Malaysia.'

Isa scores landslide win, majority 5,435

Malaysian: Yesterday was the day Umno officially legitimised corruption as an acceptable credo amongst themselves. And by the smirks on their faces, save for the menteri besar; it says it all. Woe betide our dear Malaysia....

Abu Luqman: Bravo. I now look forward for by-elections in Malacca and Selangor where Rahim Thamby Chik and Muhammad Muhammad Taib will make their respective comebacks.

Let's bring all the old crooks, I mean troops back.

Brij Jayaram Kathiravelu: Firstly, I will admit that I was quietly confident that the voters in Bagan Pinang would 'teach' Umno/BN a lesson for picking a corrupt leader as their candidate.

I even predicted that the PAS candidate would snatch victory with a majority of less than 100 votes. My confident prediction has come to a nought.

Secondly, perhaps Mohd Isa Samad had indeed done a good job while being the menteri besar and the rakyat knew this and acknowledged his good deeds thus rewarding Isa with the victory.

Thirdly, it's a sad day for us the rakyat because Umno/BN has once again convinced the rakyat to vote in a corrupt leader as an assemblyperson to be sent to the august house.

Finally, Pakatan has to seriously look into their party machinery in the southern states if they harbour any hope of forming the next federal government.

By the way, congratulations to Umno/BN and Isa for the victory.

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seals: Not only this, what happen to the cases on the 2 in Perak....?

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