Tuesday, October 06, 2009

'Technical or not, an offence is an offence'

Nedunchelian Vengu: If you are a tainted leader then forever you are tainted. In the case of Mohd Isa, he was convicted as a person who used money to win his party elections.

His party is a member of BN. So BN is involved. Choosing a tainted leader is equivalent to selecting a criminal to run the country. Whether you are running for state seat or any other post is immaterial.

If you are dirty, then you are dirty. No two ways about it. So, Mr PM, don't try to fool the rakyat with all your illogical remarks.

Tey Khang Fai: An offence is an offence, regardless technical or not. So if our PM admitted it was an offence, why no criminal charges against Isa?

The PM should be a witness at the trial as he had full knowledge of an offence being committed.

complete posting at : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/114279

seals: Why the MACC did not charge him? Or is it because "Membership has its privilege"?

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