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Something that MIC did never took action about ?


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24th September 2009

YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak

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Tan Sri,

Re:1) School and Public Examination date one day after Deepavali but for Hari Raya and

Chinese New Year it is school holidays for one whole week, every year.

2) Urgent Education and Higher Education Ministry Circular to direct a similar one week

school holiday also for Deepavali from this year onwards and for all other public

examinations not to be held during the week of the Deepavali celebrations.

3) This is a recurring problem year in and year out but only when it comes to Deepavali

One Malaysia ?

We refer to the above matter.

Year in and year out when it is the Deepavali celebrations, the same problem arises and persists vis a vis the Education Ministry and the Higher Education Ministry, that is school and public examinations are held the day after or so after Deepavali. The latest being “Exam date too close to Deepavali” (Malay Mail 23/9/09 at page 8). In this case the father complained that he could not take his family to his hometown as his son’s school exams were fixed and scheduled on the 19th of October 2009 knowing very well that Deepavali would fall on 17/10/09. We have also received public complaints that school teachers / Higher Institution and Universities academic staff could not come home to join their respective families for Deepavali because of the only one day Deepavali public holiday unlike for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year where it is two days that has been scheduled as public holidays and the whole week scheduled and marked as school / Institutions of Higher Learning / Universities holidays without fail, year in and year out. Needless to mention Christmas falls during the year end school holidays which had been pre set and entrenched by the former British colonial masters. We also recall that it was Deepavali school holidays only once for the whole week just before the last general elections!

We have also received complaints in the previous years of pupils having to sit for public exams like SPM and STPM the day after Deepavali which should not have been the case.

Is this one Malaysia ? But two systems! One for the politically and economically weak Indians and another for the rest of the Malaysians.

Kindly therefore issue an Education Minister’s and Higher Education Minister’s Circular directing that all schools, Institutions of Higher Learning and Universities mark and schedule in their respective academic calenders the Deepavali holiday week for one whole week as is done for Hari Raya and the Chinese New Year. Deepavali like Hari Raya and the Chinese New Year comes only once in a year. Please do not give us the excuse that schools can take “cuti peristiwa” leave allocations as the same is hardly ever implemented again as it involes “merely” the politically and economically weak Indians.

Kindly revert to us accordingly.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,



Secretary General (pro-tem).

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