Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tread carefully before imposing ISA: Home minister

KOTA TINGGI: The Home Ministry will tread carefully before considering imposing preventive laws such as the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the Sedition Act on the Bar Council for holding the forum discussing Islamic issues.

Its minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said that such laws would be imposed when there was a need to do so and after thorough investigation and consideration.

"As minister I must be extra careful before imposing such laws.

"I know the forum has incited anger from the Muslim community but we cannot be reckless in imposing such laws," he told pressmen Saturday after launching a Parent Teacher Association seminar here.

However, he said that advising the organisers against holding the forum should not be mistaken as an act of weakness.

He said the council should listen to the qualms of the Muslim community, which forms the majority of the population in the country.

"They should respect the voice of the majority which has been quiet most of the time.
"Muslims should voice their grievances when there are matters regarding Islam," he said, adding that the forum discussing Islamic issues is very sensitive to the Muslim community.

Syed Hamid said he has not received any reports of any mishaps or unwanted incidents at the forum where an estimated 200 people from various groups held a demonstration outside the premises.

On the theft of syabu from the Johor police headquarters, Syed Hamid said stringent drug tests would only be imposed on all police personnel where there was a necessity.

He said the control system must be very good but it is more difficult when there was a breach from within.

"There are those who try to influence our people on the promise of short term gains. "The theft put us on notice that we must take extra care on keeping the personnel in line," he said.

He added that police have discovered that the drugs have been delivered to those who would distribute it.

"The police are working hard in solving the case as soon as possible," he said.

seals: not against this 200 people, but surprised that the police listen to this 200 people and act to the demands but not to the 50,000 for HINDRAF and thousands during BERSIH RALLY .... ... grru kepala......

can someone clearly enlighten me and many out there....

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