Monday, August 18, 2008

JAIS raids pub, in high handed manner

JAIS raids pub, in high handed manner
by Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR (aug 17, 2008) : A band manager is crying foul over the high-handed and rude manner in which the Selangor Religious Affairs department (Jais) raided a five-star hotel pub in Glenmarie, Shah Alam early yesterday.

K.Selvaraj, the manager of eight-piece veteran pop band NRG who were performing at The Pub at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie, said about 15 Jais personnel who arrived in several cars and vans barged into the place at about 1am and began yelling at everyone about their presence.

He said the patrons, staff and band members were ordered by the Jais men to hand over their identity cards, and about an hour later the non-Muslims on the premises were released.

“Several foreigners who were guests of the hotel were visibly upset and asked why such a thing occurred and why they, as non-Muslims, were held for almost an hour when all they wanted to do was to unwind by having a drink,” Selva said.He said during the two-hour raid, members of the band were posed ridiculous questions about their work as musicians.

“They shouted and warned those behind that they never want to see their faces in the place again.

One officer asked band leader and vocalist Jasminor if his wife knew what he did for a living. What is wrong with what he was doing, is he not making an honest living?” he said.

He said about 100 patrons, band members and pub staff, all of whom are Muslims, were served with notices to present themselves at the Jais office in 10 days or face up to two months imprisonment or a RM3,000 fine.

He said the notice did not state the offence they are being hauled up for.“I understand if Jais wants to apprehend Muslims for consuming alcohol as they may have the authority to do so but my band members do not drink alcohol,” he said.

Selvaraj said he intends to sue Jais for insulting, causing embarrassment and treating his band members like criminals.

Updated: 07:32PM Sun, 17 Aug 2008

It is learnt that the JAIS officers raided the pub without the police. - STAR (

seals: Hmmm is only Holiday Inn the only Hotel employed muslims in PUB and BAR? If they serious about is they should raid all 5 STARs in Malaysia. Why Holiday Inn was selected in this SPECIAL raid?

How about Muslim shop selling liquor? In KLIA, at Langkawi ?

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