Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNA bill: 'They treat us like lab mice'

On DNA Bill tabled for second reading

Oppressed: Something smells fishy. Everything having to do with the tabling of the bill smells fishy.

Since the start of Anwar's unjustified sodomy charge, the DNA issue has been highly suspicious and, I believe, politically-motivated.

The opposition parties - including the Bar Council and related civil society groups with the necessary authority - should stand together to forcefully reject this obvious violation of the rule of law.

If the bill is successfully passed, the police and BN-led government will have a field day, putting every person deemed ‘suspicious' - or rather, persons who dare to question BN's administration - away.

Obviously, the first victim would be Anwar Ibrahim. How could we have ever let our judicial system fall into such rot?

Why do we allow characters like Syed Hamid Albar to call the shots in treating the people of Malaysia like mice locked in laboratory cages?

Please stand to denounce the bill. Don't let it even see the light of day.

Om Prakash: I am strongly against the bill to force anyone to give DNA samples for any criminal investigations or legal matter.

Although DNA analysis has become a modern day tool for various reasons Malaysia is not ready to implement this modern tool primarily because the authorities cannot guarantee impartiality and cannot guarantee procedural transparency as well as cannot guarantee protection of samples, records and samples.

Malaysia can only restore faith in DNA usage for criminal investigations and legal matters if complete faith in the police, judiciary and AG's chambers has been earned through the complete dismantling of racial, religious and partisan policies of the government to divide and rule its people.

Given the record of investigative inefficiency and political interference as perceived largely by the public, the DNA bill cannot be allowed to be passed in Parliament.

The onus must be on those who want to freely give their DNA sample to prove their innocence. Let us not be threatened with another draconian law like the ISA for political and law- enforcement expediency.

We are not ready to just trust anybody yet.

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