Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adoption Act under review

Adoption Act under review
By : Shuhada Elis

KUALA LUMPUR: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry will look into the Adoption Act to make the child adoption process easier.

Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said her ministry was analysing the act from various aspects with a view to impose as simple an adoption procedure as possible.

Currently, couples need to wait two years to adopt a child. "We want to improve the act to help couples who want children but, at the same time, we don't want people to take advantage of it," she said at the ministry's complex yesterday.

Dr Ng said a family which adopts a child from a foster home is given RM250 a month.

"The money is to care for the child and we don't want them to misuse the money.

"There are six foster homes nationwide that care for abandoned babies and orphans.

On the baby-for-sale syndicate in Johor Baru, Dr Ng said she was deeply saddened by the situation and also surprised.

"I can't accept this. Babies are not like ripe durians which can be sold when they've fallen from the trees.

"She was confident that the police and Health Ministry would do a thorough investigation and revoke the licences of the doctor, the staff and the clinic.

On the issue of the "sexy" uniforms schoolgirls wear, which has been raised by Munirah Bahari, the vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, Dr Ng said, "Discipline teachers will warn the girls if their uniforms are 'sexy' but don't stereotype women through their attire."

"Even if a woman strips herself naked, it doesn't mean she should be raped.

"Last week, Munirah said the school uniform's white blouse was too transparent and encouraged rape, sexual harassment and premarital sex.

Dr Ng was speaking after lauching Kembara Pertama 2008, a treasure hunt aimed at strengthening relations between media practitioners and the public.Organised by the Women's Journalists' Association of Malaysia, the two-day event kicks off on June 21.

Maxis Communications, UEM Group Berhad and Tourism Malaysia are among the sponsors of the event.


seals: as I said earlier, as long as the demand is there this will go on. To stop this, you have to allow foreign adoption. What will you do if there are little supply (in nature), either more parents are not fertile, that naturally creates demand and also reduction in babies available for adoption and more parents wants to adopt babies. Even i have seen parents who have child of their own wants to have a adopted kid as a service to mankind.

"Currently, couples need to wait two years to adopt a child. ", this is the worst thing to do... This will make parents look for other options. i will blame the government to be the cause of this sales.

They did not hear or want to listen to the childless parents. made them to look for other options and that demand created a "supply chain" in actual i will say the "supply chain" at least help the mothers who don't want the child to be given away to a parent who need a child and the child get the love and care it needs from the new parents.

Not being dumped in the bin and plastic bag. I think selling is better then killing between both the options.

Allow foreign adoption, like in some other countries. And don't try to do make a law to get the adoption via an agent who charges a fat sum like how you do it for MAIDS! And control where we can get the adoption from (countries). These will only create back door demands.

I did asked some foster homes about adopting the babies there (when i was actively involved in charity projects for foster homes) , they said once the babies are there, they will be there till adult. I guess headcount = revenue, so they don't want to loose revenue.

"I can't accept this. Babies are not like ripe durians which can be sold when they've fallen from the trees." , what have we done for the babies who ripe, fall and die in toilet and plastic bag? Better promote http://selians.blogspot.com/2007/12/baby-drop-hatches-to-help-unwed-moms.html and take control of the situation.

And promote http://selians.blogspot.com/2007/07/penubuhan-bank-sperma-perlu-diteliti.html to promote child birth for infertile parents (mother or the father). This will reduce the demands.

The law and government will just bark at the wall if they keep poking on the supply chain only without addressing the demands and needs.


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