Sunday, August 26, 2007


GMCKS PRANIC HEALING is a highly developed and tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes "prana" to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. "Prana" is a Sanskrit word that means "life-force". This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as "Chi". It is also called "Ruah" or the "Breath of Life" in the Old Testament.

GMCKS Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a "self-repairing" living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. PRANIC HEALING works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body

PRANIC HEALING influences this natural life force to bring about a healthier physical body.

PRANIC HEALING is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, which contains the mold and blueprint of the physical body. This bioplasmic body absorbs life energy and distributes it to the organs and glands. Diseases first appear as energetic disruptions in the energy field before manifesting as ailments in the physical body. You can learn to do this for yourself and your loved ones in these powerful result-oriented workshops.

Free Pranic Healing Camp

Date: 27-Aug-2007 (Monday)Time: 5 pm - 10 pm

Venue: Kalamandapam, Lorong Scott Off Jalan Tun Sambatan, Brickfields

Contact: Mr Siva - 012 2988523, Miss Meena: 012 2985021

Please come for the free healing camp and bring along any one who are suffering from any illness (eg. Headache, migraine, stress, Fear/phobia, depression, Asthma, Addiction, Diabetes, Hypertension and many more).

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