Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad Experience with Smart Tag RM50

Bad Experience with Smart Tag RM50
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I read an announcement in the newspaper about a month ago that Smart Tags would be sold from August onwards at all Plus Toll Plazas.

Today, I stopped at the Sungai Besi Touch N Go centre to get myself a promotional Smart Tag. The staff greated me in a very unpolite way and told me that the Smart Tags were all sold out.
I started to question them when the Smart Tag started selling and they said just today. And, all the promotional items sold out in just a few hours.

They said if I wanted to buy now I could get one at RM130 for the non-promotional package.
I felt cheated because I think all the Smart Tags should be on promotion like it was annouced in the newspaper. How can this be a non-promotional item when it is actually no different from the promotional item?



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Anonymous said...

yeah.....there are giving a lot of troublesome of their MERDEKA Promotion...and know what,in Aug everyday i keep myself update to PLUS n TouchNgo website just to know the latest info about the where n when the sales will be on...suddenly on 1st Sept they have already move out the news....without notify latest info (i don't really know what are the use of their latest news update on their website page)..i email PLUS no reply...I email TouchnGo..they said the promotion is closed already....ehmm.....i heard there are 26000 units,but without notification the things have been gone....could u people think how it manage to be cleared out within a day with no info to public of the sale??