Monday, November 13, 2006

Taj Mahal ....... errr?

My Visit to Taj Mahal was not interesting......
The place is badly managed. Cheating and lack of info. We had to park the car about more then a KM. Then we were offered Rps5.00 camel ride to Taj Mahal. After few meters he stop and told the tomb is being cleaned and can only go in after 1 hours and insisted we do some shopping there. When we insisted we move on... he refused to take us. Then we have to pay for another transport to get to the ticket counter.
Then, the price for the non-indian was Rp750.00, that is expensive. For the local Rp. 20.00.
Information about the do and don't are not clear but at entrance, we were only allowed to carry small bag to carry our passport and no photography inside Taj mahal building. And cannot wear shoes inside Taj Mahal.
Wow! pay so much and so many surprises.

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