Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rubber from Above

After 2 major incidents of having solid construction material falling from buildings, now I experienced a rubber falling from MRR2 (kepong). I was driving back from Kepong to PJ at about 2pm on Sunday 12th Nov 2006. The location was between pillar 12 and 13. As usual there was a traffic jam and it was about rain. Suddenly I heard a loud sound on the roof of my car. I got out and checked my car roof and saw nothing. My friend got out and picked a block rubber that landed between the wiper and car body. Then we realised that it was the rubber. Lucky it was a rubber (hard though) and did not cause damage to my car. It would have if it was a proton.

I was right under the MRR2 that is being repaired and i dont know if this was a left over part or a "being used part".
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