Sunday, August 29, 2010

Puteri: Take stern action against Namewee

Puteri Umno today urged the government to take stern action against Wee Meng Cheng better known as Namewee for producing a
video clip which could cause racial tensions.

namewee pc 160310 01Its chief Rosnah Rashid Shirlin said his latest clip was about a teacher alleged to have made seditious remarks.

In a statement here, Rosnah said in the clip, Namewee among others criticised the teacher concerned besides slamming the Education Ministry.

He also made vulgar gestures in the clip, she said, adding that it was high time the government took action against the youth from Muar.

Namewee is noted for posting controversial video clips on YouTube.

- Bernama


seals: will this be another case like "arrest the person who talk about it, let free the person who did it"?

If at all he were to be charged, then the teacher who did it must get 10x more then this man !!!!!

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