Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Invisible hand working overtime in Sibu'

Shafie, says Er, was forced to cancel his visit plans and left the polling station under heavy security.

NONEEr also said that DAP has received many complaints of BN vote-buying near the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sg Aup the polling station.

"One of the local resident even showed us a RM70 (right) received from BN half-an-hour ago, and gave us his IC number as proof," Er told Malaysiakini in a short Email.

The Bakri MP said he admires the honesty of Iban voters, and hopes to set up a new division in the Iban areas after the election.

12.20pm Voter turnout as of 12pm is 37% (20,241 voters).

12.10pm: SUPP candidate Robert Lau goes on the defensive while making his rounds at the SRJK(C) Kiang Hin polling station, saying that he does not see Malaysiakini "writing good articles on me".

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seals: MACC will again close eyes? MACC is just another TOY of UMNO!!!!

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