Thursday, May 06, 2010

Axed documentary: 'Let us decide'

Heng: Axed documentary was one-sided

Ubi Wan Kenobi: I'm depressed to see people like Information, Communications and Culture Deputy Minister Heng Seai Kie attempt to defend the indefensible. Is your job so important you have to bypass your conscience and sell your soul to a diabolical and repressive regime?

Ric: Who is Heng to decide if the documentary is one sided? Broadcast it, and we the rakyat shall decide if it's balanced or otherwise.

Furthermore, that's exactly the purpose of the documentary: to highlight the problems faced by the indigenous people due to the Bakun Dam. It's up to the developer and state government to refute it.

Disgusted: Rape of the land and people of Sarawak is still rape. That how I look at it. The poor indigenous people of Sarawak will be better off if they had not joined Malaysia and stayed independent like Brunei. However, either due to corrupt leaders who worked in their own interest or out of total ignorance, they were sold out by Temenggong Jugah and Abdul Taib Mahmud's uncle Rahman Yakub.

See where Taib's family and cronies are now and where the rest of Sarawak people are. They are slaves and serfs of the rulers or rajahs of Sarawak who took over from the White Rajahs - the Brooke family. Sarawak is colonised by these people.

Lonestar: Deputy minister, please air the programme and let the rakyat decide whether it is one-sided. After all, the rakyat paid for it. Those in RTM as well cannot and must not decide for the rakyat. Just remember who is paying their salaries.

Fairplayer: We shall see whether the eyes of the Sibu voters are opened or not come May 16. If the voters choose to be blinded by goodies and sugar-coated words from Rosmah Mansor, then they have themselves to blame if they get conned by the ruling coalition.

Arul Inthirarajah: For some, this may be their last term as deputy minister, and even as MP. The writing is clearly on the wall. It's the public who should get to decide whether a programme is one sided or not, not RTM !

Keturunan Malaysia: Correction, Madam Heng Seai Kie, the programme is not one-sided. It is wrong-sided.

Nation's healthcare system ill, needs attention

GJ: The government does not concentrate on the people's actual needs. They say okay to cronies so the latter can make fast money, while the people end up as the losers. I have a healthcare card, yet, I was forced to pay since my insurance does not cover investigations.

I wonder how a doctor can determine things without conducting any tests or investigations? The government just sits and watch the poor being suppressed, while the rich and famous get royal treatment. It's the rakyat that needs the all the help, not the cronies.

Darrel Damian: With the money used for building the twin skyscrapers, the government can easily provide cheap, if not free, medical services for all people. With the money used to send a man to outer space, and the money used for funding the F1 events, all the problems pertaining to basic necessities could be solved.

Quigonbond: Well, Nurul Izzah Anwar and her friend should be lauded for taking time off to pen the article.

But I can't help notice that compared with the healthcare debate in the US, this article is mostly for light reading. It would be great if PKR, and Pakatan Rakyat as a whole, can come up with a national policy regarding healthcare.

It's clearly an important issue for the people - and has to be rightly balanced between healthcare providers abusing the insurance system, to an insurance system that sufficiently protects those in need and sustainable market forces to allow people to choose different levels of healthcare coverage without encouraging rent-seeking mentality.

Joe Friday: I suggest that this article be published in all languages so that the public are well-informed and can decide when choosing the next government.

Police pulled me 'like a cow': Kelantan sultanah

My Kiasu: This involved royalty and yet the police, particularly the Special Action Unit (UTK), can treat them in such a 'biadab' (rude) manner. What can the ordinary folks expect if the UTK were to act against them? No wonder Altantuya Shaariibuu suffered such a bad fate.

Ferdtan: We don't know the actual facts of the rivalry in the royal family. From a family angle, I find it very strange that the queen is taking sides between the two sons. I would have thought that she will act as the impartial mediator to bring peace to the family rather than be an active participant. Anyway, what do I know - I am not a royalty.

Anti-Bodek: Untuk pengetahuan DYMM Sultanah, kebenaran dan kuasa tuhan yang lebih berkuasa. Inilah masalah rakyat yang selama ini. Kami minta perhatian kerabat diraja supaya rakyat terbela daripada rejim BN-Umno. Bila sudah terkena sendiri baru sedar jauh mana keganasan polis di Malaysia ini.

Bertaubatlah demi masa depan negara dan rakyat tercinta ini. Bangkitlah kerabat diraja bersama rakyat untuk menegakkan keadilan di Malaysia ini. Rakyat dan Pakatan Rakyat akan sentiasa bersama kerabat.

Multi Racial: The Kelantan sultan has been humiliated by the police. So what Umno is going to do now? Secondly, if the police dare to treat the Sultan of Kelantan, his consort and his prince disrespectfully and in using force, try to imagine what they are capable of doing against common people like us.


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