Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weak MACC needs imported players

I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'Liu's aide injured in scuffle with MACC officers'. MACC never learns. Yes, never will.

I am aghast at the rate of the investigation conducted on the fledgling Pakatan Rakyat state government. If we were to add all the investigations on the said government thus far, I will not be surprised if it added up to be more than all investigations involving BN states in the last 10 years.

Not only the number of investigations on Pakatan representatives alarming, the MACC officers seemed to be extra enthusiastic and super efficient when it comes to Pakatan excos or members.
Their action is commendable. But it would be even more if they can do likewise to BN. Sadly it has been otherwise.

Glaring examples like politicians owning palatial homes did not raise the eyebrows of the MACC Neither did the billions lost in PKFZ. It did not sense any abuse of power in Lingam's tape scandal.

Can the MACC chief explain all these fiascos?

My gut feeling is that officers assigned to those cases are not enthusiastic since big guns are involved. Maybe they are incompetent in their jobs. If these were the reasons, MACC should be revamped. The whole team of MACC staff, from top to bottom should be asked to leave.Yes, they have to do so that our country can prosper. Corruption is the scourge of the nation. Public fund is siphoned to enrich the powers that be and thereby denying benefits which the said fund could bring to the public.

More importantly, a clean nation will be a big boost to FDI to our country. I need not have to explain why. Our southern neighbour is a shining example of how she could prosper without corruption.

I suspect that the present MACC team is incompetent. Just like how football teams import foreign players and managers to shore up their strength, we can do the same for MACC .

We can employ retired anti-corruption officers from Hong Kong and Singapore to replace the officers. Nevermind if they have to be paid big salaries. At the end of the day we will reap bigger dividends, less public fund is stolen and FDI will increase many folds.

Just like the police who are more interested in arresting people wearing black shirts or lighting candles instead of arresting Mat Rempit and snatch thieves, MACC behaves in the same way too.


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