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Kapaleeswarar Temple,

Kapaleeswarar temple  @ Chennai

Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore is one of the ancient Siva Sthalas in south India. The Siva lingam was consecrated by Brahma and called it Kapaleeswarar.

There is an interesting story linked with the Brahmotsavam of this temple.

Sivanesa chettiar of Mylapore was a staunch devotee of Shiva whose daughter Angampoompavai was bitten by a cobra and died. The chettiar after cremating her collected her bones and placed it in an urn. Thirugnana sambandar the saint poet who was on a pilgrimage to Mylapore visited Sivanesan chettiar who narrated the sad tale of his daughter s death. Thirugnanasambandar at once sprinkled the holy water from the temple tank on the urn containing the bones of the girl. Lo and behold the ways of Providence are inscrutable; the girl was brought back to life. As a token of gratitude Chettiar offered his daughter in marriage to Thirugnanasambandar who declined saying that since he restored her life she is like his daughter. This incident is celebrated during the 8th day of Brahmotsavam in the temple.

No one exactly knows the period of construction of the temple. Historians believe that the present temple is not the one referred to Thirugnanasambandar. The present temple is almost 300 years old. The images and sculptures in the temple belong to the recent style of architecture. The original temple must have been washed ashore.

There is a huge temple tank in front of the temple.


seals: One thing that I did not like at this temple was there was a sign at the main temple entrance that prohibits non Hindus from entering that part of the temple. I think if Lord Shiva see that HE will surely be sad and disappointed for such a restriction.

If that is true, then Saint Kanapanayanar should be taken out of the list of saints. Saint Arunagirinathar should not be followed too. I believe some ignorant person have placed the notice there. Hope someone will remove it.

Inside the temple, the priest was more concern of me carrying a camera then the prayers. Whatever they were doing one eyes was on me. Many even told me off no photography.

The Rp25.00 ticket that I bought to allow me to take photograph inside the temple, has a clear note that does not allow me to take picture of "GOD and GODDESS" (I wander if they really know the meaning of GOD and GODdess). But I was made as though carrying a camera inside was a "crime". Wow ..... or maybe they were expecting something else.

I was not (later) allowed by a priest to take a picture of sun light that shines through the gap between the structures. He said "You cannot even that the sunlight". WTF ....

I guess this people thinks the poer of the GOD will get less by people taking pictures of the GOD. But where is GOD? In the statue or an ABSOLUTE?

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