Sunday, August 30, 2009

Calls for calm and forgiveness

Ida Bakar: Dear Hindus of Malaysia, In the absence of an outright apology from Malay-Muslim leadership, please allow me to apologise for this unforgivable action. What these people have done have nothing to do with Islam or the Malays. They have brought shame onto my religion in this holy month of Ramadan. Dear syariah judges, these miscreants have acted against Islam - by insulting the Hindu religion and by not respecting the the dead cow (one of Allah's many beautiful creations). Surely this is a crime worse than three glasses of beer.

Muslim true and true: Dear all, please don't associate the remaining 99-9% Muslims in this country who are responsible and tolerant towards other religious beliefs with this incident. These hooligans don't represent all of us.

Kss: Our police, who are extremely efficient in breaking up small gatherings of people holding candles, seem to have closed both their eyes to this highly provocative incident.

Malaysian Chinese Association: A sad day indeed for Malaysia just when we are in the Merdeka month. Looks to me like someone who is obsessed with power wants to create chaos, and here are a bunch of stupid protestors who probably don't realise the kind of legacy they are leaving to all our children.

Amir H: As a Muslim, I am ashamed at the behaviour of these hoodlums especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. I really wonder who the head honchos are behind this unscrupulous act. The protestors have been swayed off course from the true teachings of Islam. I dare say this is not the true reflection of the majority of Malay-Muslims in this country. Very sad indeed.

Haha: Action Commitee Chair' Mahyuddin Manaf said :'we will not budge an inch. Even if lives are lost and blood made to flow we will defend section 23 from having a temple built there'. These are very threatening words and should not be taken lightly . These are words uttered just like 'terrorists' would and we have these people in Malaysia. I wonder what made some people in our country so stupid and so extreme. Let's see if action is being taken immediately or if a mere caution is given.

by Sexy Baby - 6 hours ago

Arrest Khir Toyo. Teach him that GOD is very angry with him. He will suffer in this world. We will never forgive him for all the evil things he have done to the Hindu community in Selangor. I will continue to curse and pray that this evil person sees hell in earth.

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seals: Thanks GOD there was not reactions from the others ...really thank GOD. And I can see there are many more humans other there then these fellows. Ignore and go on with the plan.

Today, a Friday in the month of Ramadan, when some barbarians did what they did in Shah Alam, they not only insulted their fellow citizens of the Hindu faith but they desecrated their own religion as well. Because it is obvious they have disobeyed God's orders in the Quran.

All right-thinking people of every race, religion and creed should be enraged. Is this what we will remember our 52nd Merdeka by?

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