Wednesday, March 25, 2009

State leaders barred from school functions

In an department list on who can attend official events in all schools in the state, Pakatan Rakyat leaders names are glaringly missing.

The department letter’s list was issued to all school headmasters in Selangor earlier this month.

The letter from the district department instead stated that the minister has appointed 73 Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders who were sanctioned to attend official events in the state’s schools.

“Only these officials named in the attached list are allowed to attend official functions in the government schools in the state,” the letter dated March 11, 2009 stated.
Previously, all school heads were verbally told not invite Pakatan leaders for any official functions in schools.

In the recent parliamentary sitting, a government official denied that there was any directive barring elected leaders of the Pakatan state governments, said Petaling Jaya City councillor A Thiruvenggadam, who gave a copy of the letter to Malaysiakini.
seals: It is a clear indication of the build up fear of the ruling party, that the Opposition is strong and they are really weak and the people has lost confidence on the ruling party. So, they have resort to tricks like this. But GOD is great......

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