Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shouting match at state MACC office

Thursday March 19, 2009
Shouting match at state MACC office

MALACCA: Umno and opposition youth members faced off outside the state Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office after a group from PKR and PAS arrived to lodge a report against Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

Six from the group of 20, including complainant Hairiz Nordin, 26, entered the office at noon yesterday to lodge a report against the Umno vice-president for alleged involvement in money politics as the others waited outside.

Thirty minutes later, some 30 youths from Kota Melaka Umno Youth arrived and unfurled Barisan Nasional banners with the words “PKR Jangan Ganggu Tepi Kain Orang (PKR Stay Out Of Other People’s Business)”.

A shouting match ensued between the two groups with more Umno Youth members arriving later.

The situation grew tense with both sides hurling abuse at each other, prompting intervention by about 20 policemen from the Melaka Tengah station, who kept the groups apart until the PKR and PAS youth members exited the building about an hour later.

The groups then dispersed without any untoward incident.

When met later, Hairiz called on the MACC to investigate Mohd Ali based on the findings of the Umno disciplinary board and to determine if he had used public funds during his party election campaign.

He added that the chief minister should relinquish his post if found to have done so.

Meanwhile, Kota Melaka Umno Youth vice-chief Shadan Othman issued a warning to the Opposition not to involve itself in Umno matters.

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