Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bukit Gasing Monkeys

This is what we leave for the nature. When massive mutation happens and transformation takes place then we blame GOD. Stupid aren't we?


PlanetoftheApes said...

I thought they giv Ajneer Guiness Stout..sudah upgrade kah?

malar said...

the monkeys are cute
esp the little ones =)

well when it comes to the issue of nature, lesser people step in and more tend to take things for granted-no appreciation towards mother nature...

that's frustrating though..

but one day people would be more aware n appreciative...only when they find that they are affected(they are,actually now)and the world-nature itself can't take all..

however, for those who are aware of this, they should hand in their endless effort, by keeping up some hope, sourcing and spreading out love for the sake of our coming generation and also for ourselves..

hope and love-wins it all