Friday, March 20, 2009

Ali Rustam is GUILTY? What about the BOTA man frog?

Ali Rustam is GUILTY? What about the BOTA man frog?
Posted by: sri911

My dear beloved Star reader, please share your views with me. I got a burning question in my heart for days. Now, it is worse. I think I might get an heart attack any time.

Two days ago, I read the news that Malacca, CM, Ali Rustam was barred from taking part in contest for UMNO Deputy President's post. What! Are UMNO serious about this. Come on, UMNO. Look at his face. Despite me hate UMNO as a PARTY, I still admire some of its members. One of them is Ali Rustam. In past , he did make some nasty comments abt others.

But, I personally think he is a good leader. His agents used money and spend for other members during the campaign, WHAT the big deal about it?. Come on UMNO, is that a big crime?. I also got spend by many who expect me to use their company's product in my daily work. But I use my mind and decide whether the products are really up to the standard and really works miracle before I use it. All the food, free item does not affect my decision making.

Are UMNO saying that their members are so stupid and easily fall for all this rubbish material til they make a wrong decision?. Stupid joke.

Now, let me to get to my point. WHAT ABOUT THE BOTA ADUN WHO IS ALSO AN UMNO MEMBER?. Did UMNO think Malaysian are stupid?. It is a golden rule in UMNO that if a member join another party or work for another party against UMNO, this member is AUTOMATICALLY DISMISSED from the party.IT IS A BIG OFFENCE!!!. For example, look at Zaid , our ex-law minister. He was dismissed when he attended another party's gathering.

So, the BOTA ADUN, the greatest of all the MAN FROG in Perak is AUTOMATICALLY DISMISSED from the party when he jump and join PKR. And WHY is it UMNO can still accept him , NO ACTION , NOT EVEN A COMPLAINT OR INVESTIGATION DONE on him by UMNO?. Why bias on this case of MAN FROG ?

Very simple. If UMNO follows its rule and sack him , then BN Perak is less one seat in State assembly. So, with total disregard of all law and orders , the party kept very silent...I mean dead silent on the status of this MAN FROG and pretend as though nothing happen. But I am watching the party,... the all Malaysia is watching the party.

In conclusion, I have 3 questions here. Can legal action be taken against UMNO for not taking action against the MAN FROG?. What ROC will say about it as UMNO did not even follow its own rule? Can anyone make a report about this to ROC or MACC? I think we can all help to repeat the 1987 incident where UMNO was declared illegal by the court.

Come on , Malaysians, wake up and teach this party a BIG lesson.

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