Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fetus found in laptop bag in mall dumpsite

GEORGE TOWN: A three-month old foetus was found in a computer laptop bag in a dumpster behind the Bukit Jambul Shopping Centre near here Thursday morning.

The foetus was found at about 10am by scrap collectors Salim Ahmad, 36, and Asis Nasir, 14, who were scavenging the dumpster for scrap.

Salim said they found the foetus wrapped in plastic and tied up with rafia string in the bag. After the shocking find, the two notified the police.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid, when contacted, said the race and sex of the foetus could not be determined.

He urged those with information to notify their nearest police station.

seals: this will never stop until we change the way we think.


Anonymous said...

yes =)
our way of taking things,how we think,can determine our future =)
how nice if people spread more LOVE then doing this kind of inhumane act
there are lots more that can be done and achieved by spreading and reaching out to LOVE
p/s:hope the soul is blessed =)


voice of humanity said...

as long as society keep astrocising single moms and unwed mothers, as long as society condone to men leaving pregnant partners for another, as long as society allow women to be subordinates and hence suffer for her sins, as long as men think they deserve they can make all mistakes and start anew everytime, as long as adults think their happiness is more important than the children they bring to the world... as long as everyone thinks they are right.. as long as humanity sleeps through its crucial hours... there will be unborn babies murdered on the streets!