Thursday, January 31, 2008

School’s shorts-sighted reaction slammed

STUDENTS of a Vision School in Kampung Jawa, Klang, who won a cross-country race did not receive their prizes because they were wearing shorts, Tamil Nesan reported.

It said the secondary school students who reached the tape after them were given the prizes instead, prompting parents to lodge a police report against the school administration.
The prizes were given to only two students who finished among the top 10 in the 5km cross-country race organised by the school on Saturday.

A parent, V. Suseela, 47, said that it was accepted practice for athletes to wear shorts in the international arena.

She said the school had also tried to use flimsy excuses like failing to get the ribbons at the designated spots and that the numbers pinned on the shirts were torn to disqualify the students.
Another student was disqualified for being bald.

seals: grrrrrr, so what the Ministry did? Play balls? I think I agree that this is what we will get if we sit duck like how we ahve been. It is time to voice out and act on it!!!!!


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