Thursday, January 31, 2008

Director: Teacher insensitive to boys’ religious practice

IPOH: The discipline teacher who had allegedly shaved the moustaches and beards of six secondary boys had been insensitive to the religious and cultural practices of the students, Perak education director Hussain Harun said.

Confirming that the teacher had reprimanded the schoolboys when ordering their religious wristband removed and shaving the moustaches and beards they had allowed to grow ahead of fulfilling their vows during Thaipusam, Hussain said: “The teacher was enforcing school regulations that disallowed the use of the wristband and required students to be clean-shaven. But the teacher was also being insensitive to the students’ religious and cultural practices.”

As a result, a misunderstanding had occurred, he said, leading to the complaint by four of the boys’ parents.

Hussain was responding to the report lodged by the boys’ parents at the Sungai Senam police station on Saturday.

One of the fathers said he had written a letter on Jan 7 informing the school that his son would be allowing his moustache and beard to grow as he was going to fulfil his vows during Thaipusam last Wednesday.

The boy’s father had said that his son would be bald and have his moustache and beard removed after the religious festival.

But on Jan 18, the father said the discipline teacher had told them to remove the religious wristband and their moustache and beard were shaved.

Hussain said the department had conducted its initial investigation last Tuesday after receiving the complaint, adding that a second investigation was conducted yesterday.

“We have instructed the school principal to call the parents and the discipline teacher to discuss the matter.”

If need be, the teacher would have to apologise to the parents for hurting their feelings by being insensitive to their religious and cultural needs.

“The best way is to ask for their forgiveness. There is no need to blow the issue out of proportion,” he added.

Seals: If need to be? wow that looks "tidak apa" / would have to? They are making it looks like it is a peanut matter. I remember reading, a student commented something about a teacher and the student was punished. Here the teacher has insulted the religion and his believe...that is serious. I can say even he has insulted the "RUKUN NEGARA" The first line "Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan" (Believe in GOD). How can this be taken lightly?

If this is taken lightly, then it means insulting religion of ok with this government and anyone can insult anyone.

I guess this also proves what HINDRAF been telling. The Indians are marginalised..... this is a clear evidence. Indians are being placed like a "scarp" and anyone can say anything and it is not serious and a sorry just to keep the mouth shut is enough.

He should be sacked and placed in jail and charged for insulting and removed from the most respectful teaching profession. He also should be made to work as street cleaner and collect garbage for 1 month in a typical Indian estate and live there for the duration. If you want respect , learn how to respect in first palce.

He should be scaked and placed in jail and charged for insulting and removed from the most respectful teaching profession. He also should be made to work as street cleaner and collect garbage for 1 month in a typical indian estate and live there for the duration

Mr Samy Velu, is this ok with you? As you claimed you are the only leader. Or your hands are tight? We can't have a hands tight leaders.

This makes me trust what HINDRAF has been claiming.

Next question...was the actual details was reported? I guess not.... I saw another posting :

I think this is related to the SMSes flying around among the Indian community (I received it about 5 times). The article in the Star did not mention any details, but the SMS said its SM Anderson, Ipoh and the teacher’s name is Kamaruzaman. In order to avoid blowing up the issue, the news also did not mention that he uttered the words “ini agama syaitan” (referring to Hinduism). Of course this is the students’ word against his, so there’s virtually no way to prove it.
Its easy to say as the Perak Education Director did - “the teacher ask for forgiveness and parents accept it”. Its like saying “forget it and move on”. Now, if we have a teacher who is supposed to be the paragon of virtue, a role model, leader by example, a guide, a mentor and beyond, doing this, citing a flimsier than tissue paper excuse like “insensitive to religious and cultural practices” (what nonsense does that mean? is the teacher an illegal immigrant or he just fall down from the sky and became a teacher? Or he never mingled with other malaysians before?), what can we expect of the students?

The teacher must (not SHOULD) ask for forgiveness, undergo disciplinary action (demoted, pay cut AND suspension). The parents should start a civil suit, and the PM must invoke ISA and detain this guy for two years and “rehabilitate” him.

To avoid future cases, all teachers must undergo “religious and cultural sensitivities” program of all the non-muslim religions. This must be extended to all student and included as a compulsory module in National Service and all institutions of higher education (public and private). The tutors for these program must be supplied by the respective recognised religious bodies.
Now, that would be proactive action.

The teacher’s apology is worth nothing, because deep in his heart, its “agama syaitan”.

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