Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My First Experience

After many year of flying with MAS (will change to SIA because of the "generally" poor service) for the first I had a real experience. About 40 mins after take off on 12th Nov 2007, I asked for something to drink. The stewardess said they have stopped providing food / beverages as we are returning to KL, reason being "smoke in the cargo".
Ten minutes later the Captain announced it. It took a longer time to land, I guess they were circling over the KLIA to be given clearance to land.
Upon landing the pilot "pull over" to the side and shuts the engine.....

You can see the flappers are not normalised and the engine was turned off. We waited in the aircraft for about 1hr 30 mins

During the 90 mins the fire brigade went in with their breathing apparatus and other fire fighting stuffs (you can see in the picture)

Later they declared there was noting wrong

But towed us to the bay and said they will change the aircraft and the boarding time was 2pm. But they took off at about 3.30pm...it was delayed for about 5 hours, but glad all safety steps was taken for a safe flight. Good job MAS.

But ........but ...the meal coupon that was given did not really say value or what we get with it in terms of value. And none of the food outlet served vegetarian food. There was one outlet called "Noddle" had in their menu "Vegetarian Curry Noodle". Happily I sit down and the waitress came, I made an order. I reconfirmed if it is Vegetarian. She said "It is not really vegetarian as they put Chicken Stalk in it. Excuse me ...... when did chicken stalk became Vegetarian item? Don't the others knows the term of Vegetarian? Then she suggested other items that was fish and chicken ..... uh ...I am asking for Vegetarian food and she was suggesting fish and chicken.

At last I found an Italian Food outlet Sobarro (not sure of the spelling). They had vegi pizza. I was hungry and I had no choice. When I asked what do I get for the meal coupon...the answer was 1 slice (1/6), 1 soft drink and 1 soup or salad. I really don't know is that my limit or it was their choice....and MAS forgot (again, many times) the food requirements of the customers...
At the end ...my question was ... why they did not evacuate us first? Lets assume it was a fire and can lead to explosion and bigger fire that can be a risk even after landing.


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it was my last qestion because ..we have safely landed and made my trip