Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Trip to Darmasala (Dalai Lama's Place)

Imagine huge mountains right at the back of you and looking at it it feels like you can just walk an hour and reach the mountains...and the sun rays on the face of the mauntain.... was really cool..i have no words to say. That was my first time around Himalayas.... thanks to my fiends specially DS Rao, Aditya C.

Did I tell you one hour to reach the mauntain? No, it took 1 hour for us to climb the hill at the back of us. And the mountains were furhter away. There were lots of eagles. I had to go flat on the ground to take this snap.

This was the view of valley where we stayed and that was the day when the massive earthquake happened in India. We saw the swimming pool water was splashing out. We could not figure out why. We got to know about it only after we reached Delhi.

Anpur Sahib Temple on the way to Chandigarg. I cant recall details about the temple but I think this is were the Sikhism started.

It was winter and we had to soak the feet in a cold running water before stepping into the temple. And the marble was cold and after about 50 meters I could not feel my feet's.

I can tell you i thank GOD for all the experience that HE/SHE (IT I will call the GOD) has given me and ME.

This was taken with my NIKON F601 Film SLR

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