Thursday, June 01, 2006

Motorcycle And Child

I was driving home today and saw a parent (couple) the husband was riding the motorcycle and the wife was holding to him from the rear seat and both were wearing safety helmets. Nothing surprising right ? Why am I telling you this here? you know why?

It is because of the third rider on the bike. It was a low cc bike that has a storage area in the front, and there was a kid who is about 1-2 years old standing there with the kids both hands on the centre part of the handle. That is really dangerous. what made it more dangerous to the kid was, there were no safety helmets. And the kid was swinging his (assume the kid is a male) head from left to right playing with the resistance of the wind.

During an accident the kid can go flying to the road and GOD knows what will happened (I pray and hope nothing will happened).

I understand not all parents are expected to transport the kids in a car, but at least consider the Childs safety. A baby at that age will have a very fragile scull and stand the most risk for injuries.

I will say the parents were selfish and securing themselves with helmets and the mothers holding on the husband and where will the kid (who does not know the world yet and depending on the parents to care and protect ) will hold on to?

The least they can do is get him a basic helmet and place the kid between them. At least the mother can secure the kid in case of emergency.

I was hoping for an area for me to stop them and tell them, but did not have the right space and they took another way out of LDP.

Yes I did take a snap but since we both were moving and it was night, it was not a good one.

I hope if you have any friends or anyone who does this please advice them

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Prema said...

I agree with you. I see this all the time. I don't think the rider is worried, but as a car driver.. I do worry.. coz I drive very fast and I'm afraid of knocking these motorist who ride on the first lane. Imagine a 90cc bike on the first lane!! I think the rider is asking for Suicide! I wish the Govt has more sense of building motorbike lanes.. coz I hardly see any motorbike lanes even on the highways.