Sunday, June 04, 2006

Again Bukit Gasing

The sun set from the Bukit Gasing dating spot

Another view for the bushes. This image was taken with Nikon D70s with the NEF format

Do you think only human can express the love to the child? You are wrong! Look at this mother you will know and if you don't respect or care for your mother you are worst then an animal!

The mother is the world.

The NCC MicroWave tower at Bukit Gasing


medusa_metis said...

Dei Seals, watchadoin on the trees?

Andy said...

Bkt Gasing is under threat of development. land is already being cleared. to know more, pls go to:
please come and support our struggle to save Bkt Gasing and Save Lives, this Sunday, 13th April 2008.

Andy said...

Part of the trail at Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing has collapsed in a big way due to a landslide sometime last week. The trail has been cut off. A bungalow's compound is under threat. Although unrelated to the proposed development on the KL side, this is natural evidence of how fragile Bukit Gasing is. Please join us to SAVE BUKIT GASING.