Monday, February 20, 2012

Mechanic: Gun pointed to my head to force confession

Mechanic: Gun pointed to my head to force confession
A 42-year-old mechanic claimed that he was stopped and assaulted by eight Rela personnel after filling petrol in his car in Kajang four days ago.

On top of that, when the Rela officers turned him in to the Taming Jaya police station, he was then assaulted by four policemen, who wanted him to admit to car and lorry theft.

NONES Mogan (left), of Balakong, said his ordeal began about 5am, after he wanted to meet a friend who sought his help at his workshop and home in Balakong.

“Before he arrived I decided to fill up my car with some petrol as I wanted to send my children to school soon after. As soon as I filled up, I was stopped by the Rela personnel who accused me of car theft.

“They searched my Nissan Sunny car and saw that I had many spare parts. I told them that I am a mechanic but this was met with one of them using a metal rod to hit my left leg. Then the other Rela personnel assaulted me, punching and kicking me on the body and in the back.”

Then, Mogan said, he was taken to the Taming Jaya police station by the Rela personnel where they told the police that he was a drug addict.

He said there, the police officers then assaulted him with a water hose and hit him in the feet. They wanted him to confess to stealing cars and lorries.

“At one point of time, one of them pointed a gun to my head, threatening to kill me if I did not confess.”


Seals: Mr. Home this how you solve cases by arresting in random and make them confess?

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