Thursday, February 16, 2012

High prices and demand result in sales of babies

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 15, 2012): The lucrative price and good demand are among the factors baby sales in the black market are still going on.

Federal CID Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice (D7) principal assistant director Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said a baby could fetch a price of RM20,000 depending on the `level of perfection' and fairness of skin.
"The price of a baby is higher if accompanied with identification documents such as birth certificate during the purchase.

"The process of furnishing the identification of a baby is a difficult one and requires cooperation between the buyer and seller.

"We believe baby sale syndicates are getting more rampant due to the very high demand especially from childless couples," he told Bernama, here, today.

Normally, he said most babies were sold at the age of one to three months but there were cases of children up to six years old being sold.

He said expectant mothers, those who conceived out of wedlock or foreigners who wanted money in exchange for the baby, were placed at illegal centres, and well taken care of, to produce healthy babies who could fetch lucrative prices.

The latest figures indicated a drop to nine cases of baby sales last year compared to 20 in 2010.
In January last year, police thwarted an attempt to sell babies who were between five and seven days old for between RM15,000 and RM20,000.

Police also rescued three babies, two women who were in an advanced stage of pregnancy, aged 20 to 30, and a mother of one of the babies in three raids in Selangor during the period.

Kuala Lumpur Social Development, Crime Prevention and Anti-Drugs Voluntary Organisation (Pencegah) president Jeevan S. Ramamurthy did not rule out baby sales in the interior areas.

"The high birth rate of babies make police monitoring difficult. The syndicates are getting more rampant because families are hard-pressed for cash and lack of hospital records make the racket difficult to detect," he said.

He said private clinics issuing false information on births also helped the activities as it simplified the processing of birth documents.

He said to curb baby sales all parties including headmen, village midwives and rural clinics must play an important role to furnish information on births.

A safer way for women who did not want their babies is to register them with the Social Welfare Department for adoption, he added. – Bernama


Seals: The government can do all they want enforce, new law and so on nothing will help, the sales will still go on as long as the government do not take action to make ways to provide easy and right ways for the childless couples to have a baby.
Easy and right way here could be 
1. Allow Sperm Bank for the infertile cases
2. Allow foreign adoption. Even if they allow the "agent" must be avoided to make tonnes of money in transit or optional personal involvement without agents for this adoption
3. Change of attitude of the local enforcement not the treat the out of wedlock pregnancies with insults and threats. We need a real social worker at this interface and not a religion activist
4. Allow Anonymous baby drop center at hospitals, social based NGO centers and share the details with NGOs that manage the rights of the religions so that illegal conversions not executed
5. Reduce long queues at the Welfare Center (the last I know was a wait for 2 years and no option to select) 

Without doing any of the above dont ever expect you can reduce the baby sales in Malaysia. The more action the police takes, the more "Underground" the trade will get and the more expensive the babies will be.

I suggest Malaysia should be more liberal and allow point 1 and 2 soonest.  It is a way we live in Malaysia in almost all the cases we have a "ENFORCING" government and policies not a "SOLVING" one .....

Change Government Change ......!!!!!!

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