Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man says wife pushed, dragged and injured by police

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 19, 2011): A 37-year-old businessman alleged that police pushed, dragged and injured his wife, a Chinese national, in an anti-vice raid after mistaking her for a prostitute.
Loh Thean Soo, from Jalan Ipoh, claimed police dragged his wife for several metres 'like an animal’ around 11.30pm on Saturday.
“I went to have dinner with my wife at a restaurant in Jalan Loke Yew and after dinner, my wife went to the car to get my cigarettes when a team of plainclothes police officers ambushed her and pushed her to the ground,” Loh said at a press conference called by DAP Klang legal bureau chairman Tan today.
His wife Ming Daimei, 34, was also present at the press conference and showed the injuries she sustained on her leg.
“After my wife fell, the policemen dragged her like an animal and placed her in a van,” he said.
“I tried to intervene but they ignored me.
“My wife sustained serious injuries on her leg and was bleeding while she was detained overnight at the Dang Wangi police station," Loh said, adding that he went to the police station with his marriage certificate and pleaded with the officers to release his wife but to no avail.
“They even refused to speak to me and treated me and my wife like criminals.
Loh also alleged that he was later accosted by a man claiming he could ‘settle’ the matter with the police and demanded RM2,000 which he claimed to have paid to secure the release of his wife.
Ming was released at 5pm the following day with blood still oozing from her injured leg.
Loh and his wife, accompanied by Tan, on Monday, lodged a report at the Jinjang police station alleging police brutality.
“I want the police to tell me why they detained my wife and why they refused to listen to me despite me producing my marriage certificate.
“I want action to be taken against officers who pushed and dragged my wife," he said.
Loh said he met Ming met during a tour last year and married her in February.
Meanwhile, a City police official confirmed the report and said Sentul police were investigating the matter.


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