Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PAS reveals another 'phantom voter centre'

PAS says it has more evidence of the government covertly issuing MyKad to foreigners and relocating locals, who are then inserted as BN Trojan horses in the Pakatan-held constituencies.

"A resort in Cherating, Kuantan, is being used as a processing centre as well as to distribute the MyKad.

NONE"The centre is used for two purposes, one to hold and then coach foreigners who are then given Malaysian identity cards," PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali (right) told a press conference at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

"The other purpose is to process locals, who are then transferred to other voting districts."

The opposition has long been accusing the BN of such covert activities, allegedly using phantom voters who are inserted to swell the votes for the ruling coalition in areas it lacks popular support.

It has claimed that foreigners who are issued MyKad and the relocated locals will then vote for BN as coached and instructed during their induction at the 'processing centres'.

"I disclosed this yesterday at a press conference outside Kuala Lumpur, but it was not reported," lamented Mustafa.
'I can't trust EC deputy chairperson'

Asked if he has hard evidence to back his claim, he said he had what he needed to state his case.

"I shall report the matter to the Election Commission (EC), but I will hand over the evidence only to chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof.

NONE"I will not hand it over to the deputy chairperson, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (left). I don't trust him. Abdul Aziz, I can still trust a little bit," sniped the PAS official.

However, Mustafa declined to disclose when he would hand over his evidence.

"Soon," was all that he was prepared to say to reporters, adding that PAS would first have to see how the EC responded to its earlier complaints.

The party had earlier revealed similar cases in Salak Tinggi and Paya Jaras in Selangor, both of which it claimed involved 'processing centres' for BN phantom voters and Trojan horses.

'MyKad issued to foreigners'

On Aug 5, the Islamic party announced at a press conference that it had raided two houses in Paya Jaras, Subang, to catch a group it believes was distributing MyKad to foreigners.

The "house owners", who escaped before police arrived after a police report was lodged by party members, were distributing MyKad to people suspected to be Indonesians and Cambodians.

During the raid, which took place in February, a collection of MyKad and scanning equipment, as well as card readers used to authenticate the identity cards, were also found.

In Salak Tinggi, the party organ Harakah Daily reported in March, National Registration Department personnel were found to be conducting briefing sessions and issuing MyKad outside of office hours.

The matter, said PAS, was suspicious and hinted at abuses in the run-up to the 13th general election.


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