Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And now - voters with non-existent MyKad code

Even as the BN and Pakatan Rakyat trade barbs over the proposed parliamentary select committee on electoral reform, more flaws are being exposed in the electoral rolls by political parties and members of public.

NONEThe latest discovery by a PAS supporter shows several registered voters in Kedah having MyKad numbers that do not exist.

This information is posted on a Facebook page registered to a Pengundi PAS Kedah (Kedah PAS voter) and is accompanied by screen-capture images (left) of the search result from the Election Commission's (EC) website.

It shows the seventh and eighth digits of the MyKad numbers of three voters are listed as '00'. These two digits are used to indicate the place of birth of the MyKad holder.

According to the National Registration Department (NRD) website, which lists the codes for states in Malaysia and foreign nations, the code '00' does not exist.

When contacted, an NRD customer service officer confirmed that there is no such code and requested this reporter to lodge an official report with the department.

A check with the NRD portal - which allows people to check the status of identification documents - showed that there is no record of the three MyKad.

When accessed this morning, the EC online verification system confirmed the voting details of the trio:

1. Hasrullizam bin Halim
MyKad no: 800604002563
Voting constituencies: Bukit Pinang (state), Pokok Sena (Parliament)

2. Rosmadi bin Chik
MyKad no: 801111002544
Voting constituencies: Kota Siputeh (state), Jerlun (Parliament)

3. Shapiza binti Ghazali

MyKad no: 811020002568
Voting constituencies: Bukit Lada (state), Pokok Sena (Parliament)

NONEEC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof (left) has repeatedly explained that every voter registration will be checked with the NRD database through the Agency Link-up System.

Therefore, it is not known how the three voters were registered in the electoral roll despite their MyKad numbers being invalid.

"If they had been checked, the NRD would not have verified the existence of MyKad number with code '00'.
"If it was the fault of clerks, why are there so many people with the code '00' unless it was (a deliberate mistake)," Pengundi PAS Kedah says on the Facebook page.

"I hope that there will be a concrete explanation from the EC and NRD. A check with NRD shows that there is no record (of such MyKad), so where do these people come from? Born on the planet of Pluto?"

32 entries 'cleaned out'?

The Facebook page also posted screen-capture images of 32 Kedah voters who allegedly have a double identity in the electoral roll.

However, the double identity no longer exist when Malaysiakini checked with the EC online verification system this morning.

According to Abdul Aziz, the EC is 'cleaning' the electoral roll, including the removal of double registrations, on a daily basis based on NRD information.

Over the last two weeks, Malaysiakini has highlighted flaws in the electoral roll, including 'permanent resident voters' whose status in the NRD database had been 'upgraded' to 'citizen' within hours, and 'clone' voters who have two entries in the electoral roll or two different MyKad.

Under pressure from the opposition and electoral reform coalition Bersih 2.0, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced on Monday that a bi-partisan parliamentary select committee on electoral reform would be formed.



'No guarantee of reforms before next election' - Nazri

Should Malaysian and Malaysians agree or accept an elections without a BERSIH (clean) ELECTORAL ROLL? The elections for sure has to be postponed or the clean up is done ASAP. We still have almost 2 years to do this!!!

Attempting to have an early elections without cleaning up this ER is just an indication of ruling party goal to make use of the "BLUNDER" that was made to cheat the RAKYAT (PEOPLE) to win the next elections. That will buy time for them another 5 years to plan another strategy for the 14th GE.

Last rally was a clear message from the people demanding to clean up the ELECTORAL ROLL before calling for an elections.

Question to the expert lawyers on constitution, calling for an election when it is clear there are 1000's of such "blunders" is it not insulting the constitution and the rakyat ?

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