Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UiTM offers Ibrahim Ali Award to students

'University students are not supposed to be involved in politic. Why is this political 'frog' allowed to be involved in the university?'

UiTM offers Ibrahim Ali Award to students

Pemerhati: If a US university in collaboration with the Ku Klux Klan (which, like Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa, believes in the racial superiority) starts giving out cash awards to students who have proven they have "clear and consistent" principles in upholding their white race, what sort of an opinion would a normal person have about that particular university and its students?

Would any foreign country and the majority of its own people have any respect for that university or its students?

UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) may not have been that well-known in the past, but this collaboration with Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali to promote a racist agenda is likely to make it well-known as the world's premier racist university.

Lim Chong Leong: This is clearly racist and incites racism amongst the younger generation. If Ibrahim Ali is not arrested for inciting racial hatred but a government-sponsored university supporting such racist programme instead, then clearly the ministers of higher education, education, home ministry and the PM himself are guilty of conspiring to incite racial tension.

Lin Wenquan: UiTM is certainly proud to have this dinosaur amongst its alumni who claims to be a mass communications graduate and a student of the 'School of Freedom' in Germany, but who cannot even think and articulate logically.

Instead of encouraging its students to pursue studies that will stand them in good stead in facing the challenges and demands of globalisation, we have UiTM promoting the cult and mischief of a miscreant and a literal 'katak dibawah tempurung'.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia: Somehow I doubt an 'Ibrahim Ali Award' will carry much value anywhere outside of Perkasa and Umno's in-bred communities.

Anonymous: There's nothing wrong with the award. What racism? Put aside what he had said or done, and focus on the award alone. It is merely to encourage UiTM students to strive better and to reinforce a sense of belonging among the Malays, that's all, and it has got nothing to do with other races.

If it is true that the objective of the award is to upgrade the honour and reputation of the Malay race, let them be. Even among other races, there are awards for those who have done or are doing any initiatives to improve their race.

If, it is proven that this award breeds racism, then let us all condemn it. Otherwise, even if you are not interested to support it, just stay out of it.

Baiyuensheng: There is nothing wrong with the award to upkeep Malay culture and reputation, but what does Perkasa stands for?

Just look at their actions. Supporting corruption, cronyism, Malay supremacy, extremism, racism, etc. Perkasa has damaged the very core of Malay culture.

David Dass: Why does the Malay race need a champion of this sort? Malaysia is a diverse country made up of 13 states and diverse races. The Malays are the majority with about 60 percent of the population.

The position of the Malay rulers, Islam, the national language and special rights are protected by the constitution. No change can be made without Malay approval. The minority non-Malays can never threaten the majority Malays. The civil service, the police and the armed forces are also at least 80 percent Malay. In fact the non-alays are dependent on the Malays.

The Malays do not need champions like Ibrahim Ali. The real threat to all Malaysians is the economy. We are 50 percent dependent on oil and gas revenues. That is a diminishing asset. We need to increase our revenue from other sources. There is an exodus of talent. There is low foreign investment.

Those are the real threats to all Malaysians. We should not see each other as threats. We should come together as Malaysians. And build a united prosperous country.

Nik V: Hopefully a good student will benefit from this. Remember a good thing can also come out of bad thing in the right hands.

UiTM, on the other hand, has shown its true face. When the right time comes, a truly charismatic and patriotic class of leadership will remove and change the current board on UiTM with a world-class set of educators, if the current lot don't change.

Anonymous: UiTM don't go so low by offering such a scholarship. It would be disgraceful to promote Ibrahim Ali's name as he is a person without respect.

Look at his comments on women - they can be your sisters, mother or grandmother. It is sad to say he has no brains and he barks without thinking and feelings.

Board members of UiTM, is this the type of person you want to promote? Please don't degrade your institution's name for God sake. Think twice, or even thrice, about this award.

Mangodurian: Talk about condoning and encouraging racism. Isn't it the government's and law enforcement's duty to stop this? Isn't there anything in our laws that consider this as a crime?

Any lawyers here can advise? I know that a non-BN government will surely stop this or enact laws to make this clearly illegal.

PBWin: University students are not supposed to be involved in politic. Why is this political 'frog' allowed to be involved in the university?

If this is the case, then Hindraf, Bersih and all other NGOs should also be given a chance to give awards to students for their struggle. Why only allow this 'frog' to give award?

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/170323

Seals: The moral of the story is, if you are puddle dog of UMNO ...you can shit anywhere and anything ..you are still right ....and loved

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