Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hindu Sangam withdraws support for NIAT?

Organisation conspiciously silent after its president Mohan Shan orders his two reps to stay away from NIAT which is at the forefront of the Interlok issue.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Hindu Sangam, allegedly under pressure from the MIC and the PM’s Office, has withdrawn its support for National Interlok Action Team (NIAT) which is spearheading the Interlok issue.

The organisation has been conspiciously silent on the matter after the movement’s president Mohan Shan ordered his representatives to stay away from NIAT, said sources.

NIAT was born when the first Interlok meeting was held at the Hindu Sangam headquarters where representatives of more than 140 Indian NGOs assembled and formed the movement.
The Hindu Sangam appointed Dr Balatharmalingam, its deputy president and Arun Doraisamy, former youth chief as it is representatives in NIAT.

Although the two are still in NIAT, it is learnt that Mohan caved in to pressure from the MIC leadership and the prime minister’s office and withdrew his support for NIAT.

According to the source, this was done under threat of losing its annual allocation from federal government.
“There are also rumours Mohan was promised a datukship prior to the Interlok issue and it is now under threat of being withheld after the Sangam’s involvement in NIAT,” he said.
“Mohan does not intend to give up on the possibility of getting the title, neither does he want to lose the federal allocation to the

Hindu Sangam over the Interlok issue,” he added.

“So, as the first step he suspended Arun for not adhereing to his instruction to stay away from the NIAT and Balatharmalingam is under pressure to do the same ,” said the source.

Mohan denies allegations
The source said the Hindu Sangam is being servile to its political masters and is nothing but another tool for Umno to help brainwash the Indian community.

He said the Johor Hindu Sangam played an active role in wooing the community to vote for BN in Tenang by-election earlier this year.

“This is not the duty of the Hindu Sangam,” he said.
Contacted later, Mohan Shan denied all the allegations. He said youth chief Arun was suspended for working against the Sangam and not because of his involvement in NIAT.

“Hindu Sangam has been clear on its stand over Interlok.We still stand by our demand that the government withdraw the books from the school syllabus,” he added.

He also said that Hindu Sangam still engaged with NIAT as its deputy president still a NIAT committee member.

Interlok caused a controversy when detractors claimed that the novel contained derogatory words to describe Malaysian Indians.

source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/05/27/hindu-sangam-withdraws-support-for-niat/

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