Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Indian members quit 'Interlok' review panel

The controversy over the 'Interlok' rose several notches today when the seven-member independent panel to review and amend the novel saw all its ethnic Indian members pull out this afternoon.

indian plight forum 391106 uthaya shankarFollowing a meeting held at Parliament building with Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today, all three ethnic Indian panellists declared they were withdrawing from the government-created body.

According to writer Uthaya Shankar SB (right), the decision was taken after it became apparent that the other members of the panel had changed their minds and rejected one-by-one the 100 modifications that had been recommended to render the book appropriate for consumption by Form 5 students.

“We feel we were betrayed,” Uthaya Shankar told Malaysiakini.

He said stressed further that the panellists had reached a consensus over the matter.


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J Vincent said...

When a country "disrepects" a particular community and wants to have its way regardsless of the fact that the impact on the minority community might be adverse because of the fiction elemt in the book-then its time to part company.The Malay community [not all] has become so arrogant not to listen to the view of the Indian community and cancel this book. By taking out parts of the book, wont help-the main theme of the book is racist and breeds segregation which is a bad policy.

Anonymous said...

I think the best way to handle the matter is to stop making so much fuss over the idiotic book. The more the Indians feel offended with it, the more the ones responsible will rub it into you. Lets face it, people will only try to upset you more if you get upset. So dont get upset. Take a cue fr the Chinese, at some point they are also berated but they choose to ignore the idiotics because the Chinese know where they stand and whats their worth. Instead every individual indian parent should take responsibility to educate their kids about how the caste system was originally and that it was not a heridatory system. We hv to acknowledge the mistakes done by certain parties like the brahmins and higher castes who turned into a heridatory system in order to benefit their generations. And that even though we in Malaysia deny the caste thing is no longer in practice, it is actually vy much practiced in society, marriage and even employments, and political parties. IF we want people to stop using the 'p' word, then we should stop practicing caste system and show the dungus that we are people of integrity rather than making all this noise and being treated like shit. Lets hv some dignity.