Monday, February 14, 2011

Malaysian Indian student get bullied as 'Keling Babi'!

The Start of INTERLOK Results.....

The Psycological Impact to the student that will make a "inferior" future INDIANS and the "SUPERIOR" "UMNOtizen" that can make sure the Indians of tomorrow will never raise and question the UMNO and will remain the slaves of UMNO.... this is the future that the current UMNO wants to leave for the future UMNO so that they will not see another similar HINDRAF Rally or an upraise that caused a fall of the UMNO/BN in the last GE

DO YOU STAILL WANT TO REMAIN THE UMNO SLAVES..... well MIC till date have been .... will you too? Then make sure we move into 2 party system!!!

Will MIC and the NGO and who ever make a police report and get the BULLY arrested?

I will say whatever the BULLY is .... he too the worst kind of the BABI (for the one who don't know that BABI is, it is a PIG!)

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