Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Serdang MP gets death threat and dead chicken

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching received a death threat this morning, reinforced by a dead chicken hung on the grill door of the DAP Sungai Chua branch office.

NONEHer assistant Chen Fan Dao, when contacted, said local residents had alerted her to this about 8am.

When he arrived at the office about 9.30am, the carcass was still hanging where it had been hung.

Its throat had been slashed and blood was still dripping, Chen said. A poster was stuck to the signboard, with the warning: "Ingat! Ini satu Peringatan Teo Nie Ching, Tentera Jihad" (Take note! This is a reminder Teo Nie Ching, the Jihad Army).

Asked if security would be tightened, Chen said the MP's schedule will not be affected, although she "will be more careful".

He would not speculate on who might have made the threat, only saying that they would allow the police to investigate this.

Tesuhakam suara keadilan 250309 teo nie chingo (left) lodged a report at the Kajang police station at 11.45am.

The Serdang MP has been embroiled in several controversies recently.

She was accused of inappropriately addressing an audience in the prayer area of Surau Al-Huda in Kajang Sentral on Aug 22.

There were also complaints that she had worn “tight clothes” during an aerobics exercise event in the compound of the Taman Cheras Jaya mosque on Dec 12.

When contacted, Teoh said she took about one hour to give her statement to the police, who asked her whether she had quarrel with anyone recently. She was also asked whether she suspected anybody and if this was the first time she had been threatened. Citing her police report, Teoh said a CCTV recording belonging to the shop next door showed that two males approached her office at 1.56am today.

The duo's ethnicity could not be determined, said Teoh.

One of them, who was wearing a cap, was seen placing the carcass and poster.

"Before leaving, they took pictures of their act," she said.

Teoh said although she will continue fulfilling her duties as a member, she feels her "safety and that of other DAP have been compromised", and will try not to go anywhere alone.

Later, a team of police went to DAP Sungai Chua office and took the placard and dead chicken away.

Long string of death-threat cases In an immediate reaction, Selangor senior exco Teresa Kok “unreservedly condemn the despicable” death threat. “The scoundrels behind this crime display their lack of human decency and most of all, their own incapacity or refusal to discuss issues of contention in a calm, civil and rational manner.” dj jamal hishammudin rais and teresa kok forum 270910 08Kok said today's death threat was just the latest in a long string of cases where opposition politicians were targeted. “In August 2010, Tony Pua, MP for PJ Utara, received an M16 bullet and a death threat note. In September 2009, a coward who used the pseudonym 'hanturaya' wrote on my blog, 'teresa, kau ni perlu diajar dgn darah t.kasih (sic)' “In September 2008, a Molotov cocktail was thrown into my family home together with a note that said they would set my family and me on fire.” She lamented that the police have yet to nab the perpetrators behind these death threats.

Death threat group accused of perverting jihad call


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