Thursday, December 30, 2010

Invitations sent out for Khusrin's swearing-in

Despite disagreements over the Selangor state secretary's appointment, the palace has sent out invitations for the swearing-in ceremony for the post, which will take place before Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah next Thursday.

The sultan's private secretary, Mohamad Munir Bani, said invitations had been sent out by the protocol division and that the outgoing State Islamic Department director, Mohd Khusrin Munawi, is scheduled to take his oath of office.

“There are no other candidates and besides that, the new State Islamic Religious Department (Jais) director (Marzuki Hussin) replacing Khusrin will also take his oath,” he told Malaysiakini.

He said there were several programmes arranged for the Sultan that day, and the swearing-in ceremony was one of them.

NONEAlthough Khusrin's appointment is imminent, the Selangor menteri besar's political secretary, Faekah Hussin (left), said the MB, Khalid Ibrahim, believes the palace had not been given a clear picture on the matter.

“There is some political involvement (by the federal government) in the matter.

“Selangor Pakatan, however, is still working to get an audience with the palace to resolve the issue amicably and in a professional manner,” she said.

She hopes the people would stay calm in order to secure the dignity of the palace, the state government and the House (state assembly).

The debacle facing the appointment of the state secretary is entered its fourth day today, following the announcement made by chief secretary to the government Mohd Sidek Hassan on Monday.

Sidek announced Khusrin's appointment, and this was assented to by the sultan. However, Khalid isaid n a statement that Khusrin's appoint was not final, as the state had shortlisted three names.

The names did not include Khusrin's, who Malaysiakini reported came in last in interviews conducted by a panel comprising three Pakatan Rakyat state exco members.

It was reported that state Economic Planning Unit director Noordin Sulaiman came up tops among the three names, and this was followed by Petaling Jaya mayor Roslan Sakiman and Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Mohammad Adnan Md Ikshan.

State sec will not attend first exco meeting

Meanwhile, a source in the menteri besar's office said whoever the new state secretary would be, the person would not attend the first exco meeting for the new year slated to be held on Wednesday.

The reason is, because, the person would be taking the oath of office before the sultan only on Thursday.

The source said the menteri besar was also unlikely to have any oath-taking ceremony for the new state secretary before Jan 6.

Reports suggest that the state secretary must take his oath before the menteri besar, not before the sultan.

With the new state secretary absent, his duties during the weekly state exco are likely to be taken up by one of the two deputy state secretaries.

In another development, a special prayer (solat hajat) session will be held at the menteri besar's official residence this evening.


Seals: What i see here is....

1. If BN Calls for GE and PR in Selangor did not dissolve the state legislative assembly then it makes no point as the UMNO will still cannot put their hands in the SELANGOR's wealth that was the major income for them

2. The main reason BN wants a General Elections will be to take over again Selangor and no point to do it if state legislative assembly is not dissolved.

They have tried many ways, this is one of the ways to place a man of UMNO in the critical function of the STATE.

This position has a lot of power ... I don't have to tell you.... I am sure you saw that in PERAK right? You want to see the same in Selangor?

When the people elect their reps, UMNO is planing to change the peoples decision....and this is already a betrayal to the own people!

Do the people of Malaysia need desperate BN to be in power still?

“Najib wants to create chaos in Selangor and force the dissolution of the state legislative assembly,” Khalid told a press conference today

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