Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zahid, is it patriotism or racism?

Neders: Zahid Hamidi, how did you become the defence minister? You haven't a clue about the reality on the ground. I am an old boy of the Federal Military College (now Royal Military College) and many of my non-Malay contemporaries joined the armed forces.

Sure, a number worked their way up to become colonels and even a sprinkling became generals (you stood a better chance to be one if you were prepared to sacrifice your prepuce). This was because they were of a calibre that was hard to ignore.

However, a larger number got stuck at the 'major' level and were overtaken by Malay officers many years their junior. Also, the intake into the RMC progressively became so lopsided that the 'nons' became discouraged and later disinterested. Why would I want my sons to join the armed forces when their chances of fair promotions stand as much as that of a snowball in hell?

I dare tell you in the face never to question our patriotism. You are the one who created the situation and now blame the 'nons' for the problem.

Ranjit Singh: Patriotism or racism? Do you want me to lay the facts out about the selective recruitment process under Dr Mahathir Mohamad where mostly Malays were hired in all public sector under the New Economic Plan (NEP)?

Seriously, imagine such a statement from a minister. What more can I say? This is the quality of people we have in Umno. Doesn't that statement speak for itself?

AJ: I can speak of my experience in RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force). I joined in the early years of Mahathir's reign. The higher allowance went to the aircraft mechanics as they came in with higher school grades and did better in the aptitude tests. Malay to non-Malay ratio was almost 60-40. No one had to worry about promotions as it was a very fair process.

As the years past, the non-technical support staff allowance was adjusted to that of the technical staff's. Now there was no need to be smarter or start off with a higher aptitude. Moral and pride began to slip. Soon Malays, who were juniors and those who were left behind because they did not excel in their work, were promoted.

When questioned, those who did the appraisals showed us that promotions were race and not merit-based. It was a government directive and beyond their control. Non-Malays subsequently left the force in droves.

Rick Teo: Zahid, which school did you go to? Chinese and Indians don't want join the army because your kind will always bully the non-Malays in the army. Promotions do not go according to merit but kulit-fication.
Anonymous: Chinese and Indians are very practical. Why would they join the army when they will be marginalised and denied promotions? By the way, Chinese and Indians are patriotic in a different way, they contribute to nation building by paying the most taxes. Every race has different way of contributing to the nation.



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this fler words just proven that dr mamak correct, correct, correct...

" malay are stupid cos they are so inbred"

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