Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Indian gangsteris: They're coming home to roost

'Indians have nowhere to turn to for aid and the result is this gangsterism problem. Will the government address the issue or just sweep it under the carpet?'

'Indian youths engineered into gangsterism'

Justice Seeker:
I totally agree with P Uthayakumar. But there is another most important factor - in a study conducted by the Centre for Public Policy Studies, an estimated 300,000 plantation workers were uprooted from their established plantation background between 1975-1995 and were displaced.

These internally-displaced plantation workers were not given compensation, training opportunities, housing, etc, and they became the new urban poor and underclass who were neglected by the Umno 'tuan'.

Compare these loyal workers who contributed to this nation for almost 200 years and the Felda LBJ in Negeri Sembilan who were equally displaced. The Felda settlers were compensated up to RM3.5 million per family for a contribution of almost 30 years.

It is plainly obvious the Indian workers were simply driven out of the estates and were no longer needed as their efforts had been sucked dry for more than 200 years. They ended up as the new urban squatters and thus became gangsters for survival.

JB Guy: Indians have nowhere to turn to for aid and the result is this gangsterism problem. Will the government do the right thing and address the issues or just sweep it under the carpet? Let's wait and see as 53 years of BN governance has not solved this problem. Can Najib Abdul Razak do it?

Anonymous: Pakatan Rakyat is no choice for Indians if Pakatan does not act in any way different than Umno/BN. Anwar Ibrahim, when he visited the UK early this year, said that Pakatan Rakyat could not be expected to solve the socio-economic woes of the Indians.

What is then the difference between Pakatan and Umno/BN? Uthayakumar has laid it all out there for you - the socioeconomic woes plus he says Umno/BN is just not cutting it. If Pakatan cannot commit to solving these woes, then what is the difference?

Only when Pakatan commits unequivocally to a plan to address these problems will we of HRP/Hindraf and of the Indian community turn towards Pakatan. Otherwise, it makes no difference to us the Indians who wins or who loses the general election. They are all the same.

By Election:
Do most of the Indians have similar thoughts to Uthayakumar? It was proven in both Hulu Selangor and in Port Dickson where the Indian vote helped BN to win and with bigger margins. Those who are intelligent and reachable to the Indian community must work harder to make sure Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election so that all of us will be equally treated.


seals: I do agree with them, and I see that they still maintain a quarter of poor malays so that the rich malays can still enjoy the benefit ...

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