Monday, June 07, 2010

Malaysia: broadband speed is too slow to compete

Remember Idi AMin? Younger people out there would not know who this man was. But those of us in the 50s and above would know about this person, the dictator in Uganda in the 70s, who did what a dictator in those days would do.
He fled to Saudi after an uprising , and died there in 2003.

Since those days of Idi Amin, we Malaysians have always treated Uganda like a rogue state.

Sub-Sahara Africa is supposed to be backward, and we have always thought of Uganda as a disease-and-poverty-striken country, with children thin like skeletons and bellies big like pregnant ladies.

Now, do not look down on these countries anymore. Many of them have a broadband speed much faster than us, Yes , Malaysia — the country with the multimedia super corridor, the country that once boosted that it wanted to become a silicon valley of the East.

We still wanted to become that, but we simply do not have the means to become that; just like an impotent old man, willing but not able to.

With broadband speed like snail,

how are we going to compete with

other countries?

What is the use of having all the modern buildings when we have a broadband speed placing of 104, according to (below). The whole list can be viewed here.

Uganda is ranked 95, Rwanda (yes Rwanda) 65, Ghana 44.

Even the country which exports maids to Malaysia, the Phillipines, is ranked 93. Your maid when she goes back to her home country, can assess info much faster than you. How about that!

Download Speed

1 South Korea 33.91 Mb/s

2 Latvia 24.07 Mb/s

3 Republic of Moldova 21.32 Mb/s

4 Japan 20.43 Mb/s

5 Sweden 19.83 Mb/s

6 Romania 18.69 Mb/s

7 Bulgaria 17.57 Mb/s

8 Netherlands 17.34 Mb/s

9 Andorra 17.06 Mb/s

10 Lithuania 17.04 Mb/s

11 Aland Islands 15.34 Mb/s

12 Portugal 14.71 Mb/s

13 Finland 14.17 Mb/s

14 Iceland 13.61 Mb/s

15 Switzerland 13.52 Mb/s

And Malaysia is at ...................

104 Malaysia 1.94 Mb/s

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